Jerwood Drawing Prize 2011

Time is a crucial element of my process, the drawings taking weeks to create they are stripped down to the most basic of medium, graphite on wood. The magical geometry explores imaginary synthetic environments, drawing inspiration from the machine, landscape, celestial skies and the microscopic world.

Extracting the fragments of the past and striking an arc from the ancient to the digital we build new horizons for tomorrow. The layers of graphite dust, the thousands of hand made scratches against the grain are equal to the layers of time which have travelled before us.

Arthur Roberts and Barbara Jones review Liverpool International Biennial of Contemporary Art 2010

Divine Drawing Series

1.6180339887.........  Phi, the Golden Section,  the Golden Ratio or the Divine Proportion.

The Divine Drawings are site specific, they react and develop from their environment, the Golden Section that surrounds them. Each element, line and form is born from another, each line and edge corresponds and reflects the golden ratio parameters, it plays with magic.   

The work explores imaginary synthetic digital environments which draws its inspiration from the machine, landscape, celestial skies and the microscopic world. This combination fuses to create a new spiritual mix reflecting our time. The alchemy of the works are non religious.

There is no running away from history; the ghosts of modernism are present within the evolution of abstraction. We take fragments from the past and build new horizons for tomorrow. The layers of graphite dust are equal to the layers of time, which has travelled before us.

Selected Group exhibitions:

Bankley Open Call 2017 - Bankley Gallery, Manchester

Warrington Contemporary 2017

Magical Geometry - Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk 2017

West Lancashire Open 2015 - Winner

Warrington Contemporary Art Open 2015 - second prize

Bankley Open Call 2015 - Bankley Gallery, Manchester

Shelf Life - PS Mirabel, Manchester 2015

Big Draw - St Helens, World of Glass 2015

Combines #4 - Model Liverpool 2014

Open Up North 2014 - Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

West Lancashire Open 2014 - Prize winner

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2011 - Jerwood Space,  London - 14 September - 30 October 2011. Uk Tour

Cornerstone Gallery - Quartered, Drawn and Hung - 19th November 2010 - 18th February 2011

Chapel Gallery Ormskirk - Line & Form, 6th March - 17th April 2010

Cornerstone Gallery - 'Pre-Paid', drawing, 2008

Chapel  Gallery - West Lancashire Open 2008 -  drawing, comended.

Independents Biennial Liverpool 08 - 'In An Ideal World', St Brides Church, 2008

Liverpool / Austrialia - Liverpool Culture Company, River Mersey, 2007 / 08

Cornerstone Gallery - 'Terry Sullivan A Retrospective', curated, 2007

Cornerstone Gallery - 'loop OVERVIEW 07', curated & exhibited, survey of abstract art on Merseyside 2007

Loop Gallery,  'RAW' - curator, multi-discipline exhibition, 2005

Loop Gallery   'Untitled' - curator, project manager, painting exhibition, 2005

Loop Gallery,  'TEN'  -  curator & exhibited, 10 leading abstract painters, Liverpool Biennial, 2004

5athegallery, St Helens,  -  group exhibition, 2002

Manchester City Art Gallery,  - Manchester Academy Open, 1996

Foster Goldstrom,  - New York City, group exhibition, 1995

Fresh Art, London,  -  group show representing Liverpool, 1990

Tate Gallery, Liverpool,  -  assistant to Sol LeWitt, 1990

Solo Exhibitions /Projects:

Independents Biennial Liverpool 08, board member / project manager, 2007 / 8

Cornerstone Gallery,  'Space and Time' - recent paintings,  2005 / 06

Loop Gallery,  'Retro' -  retrospective of ten years paintings, 2005

Hunts Cross Primary School Liverpool, - every child makes an abstract painting, 2003

Ashfield Special Needs School, -  abstract sculpture installed in school grounds, 2003

Merseyside Maritime Museum,  -  'Wave' installation, Liverpool Biennial, 2002

DfES, Artist in residence, CH4 Learning - 'Grid Club' 2002

Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, -  one person show, 1993

Hanover Galleries, Liverpool,  -  one person show, 1993